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Confartiginato Imprese

Confartigianato Imprese is the most representative Italian organisation of crafts and micro and SMEs and one of the most important social partners in Italy. At national level, it counts 104 local associations, 21 regional federations, 1,206 offices and 10,700 employees, offering different types of services to over 1.5 million artisans and small business owners. In Europe, Confartigianato Imprese is a founding member of SMEunited and SBS (Small Business Standard) and has its own representative at the Economic and Social Committee. Know more here.

In Brussels

In its 30 years of activity in Brussels, Confartigianato's European Affairs office has been representing and defending the interests of Italian micro and small enterprises at EU level. The office carries out advocacy and monitoring activities for all relevant legislative dossiers and offers to its member organisations different services related to European funds and calls for tenders.


Alice Lazioli – Head of European Affairs

Anna Alvezzola – Policy Adviser

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