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The EU Path To Autonomy And Resilience

Exploring the key role of research and innovation

The EU Path To Autonomy And Resilience
The EU Path To Autonomy And Resilience

Time & Location

04 ott 2022, 16:30 – 18:30

Bruxelles, Rue Montoyer 21, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgium

About the event

Europe   is currently facing dramatic geopolitical, economic, and societal challenges,   aggravated first by the coronavirus crisis and now by the war in Ukraine. In   this new context of geopolitical crisis, building Europe’s resilience and   enhancing its strategic autonomy is a pressing priority, while the green and   digital transitions become more important and urgent than ever. Research and   innovation are central in this process, playing a vital role in supporting   Europe to become more resilient and independent in key strategic sectors and   in accelerating the achievement of the ambitious goals the EU has set, e.g.   55% reduction in greenhouse emissions by 2030, climate neutrality by 2050,   20% of Chips production by 2030, etc. The EU’s long-term budget for   2021-2027, comprising key financing programmes such as Horizon Europe and   Digital Europe, and the large-scale recovery plan “Next Generation EU” will   contribute to support the required investments in new technologies and the   path toward a more resilient and autonomous Europe. At the same time, the   prospective creation of the EU Sovereignty Fund, announced by President von   der Leyen at the SOTEU 2022, could be a further mean to address critical   dependencies, and help de-risking investments in future technologies, while   improving industrial production capacities. The GIURI invites the entire   Brussels-based R&I community to its 2022 annual event, which will debate   the contribution of R&I to the realization of the EU political   priorities, in order to better understand the landscape of the existing   policy initiatives and instruments, and how a stronger integration could   increase their positive impact. Do they still represent the right answers to   the current and future challenges and which further measures could be needed?

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