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Regione Lombardia

Situated in the North of Italy, in the heart of Europe, Lombardy represents a bridge to the Mediterranean.

With its surface area of about 24,000 square kilometres and almost 10 million inhabitants, it can be compared to an european nation; for population, it is the 1st most populated region in Italy and the 3rd in Europe after Île-de-France and Baden-Württemberg.

The regional government has concurrent legislative powers in some areas like international relations, relations with the EU, foreign trade, health and residual legislative powers in areas that are not under the exclusive competence of the central government.

At the institutional level, Lombardy has a Regional Government – whose president is directly elected by the citizens – and a Regional Council, composed by 80 members elected every 5 years.

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In Brussels

Since 2000, the presence of Lombardy Region at the heart of EU Institutions in Brussels provides an effective technical and administrative tool to facilitate the interaction between the Regional Government Authority and various actors at EU level.

The Brussels office carries out a variety of strategic activities in all EU areas of regional interest, promoting the entire Lombardy system at European level, representing the interests of Lombardy Region in all the EU Institutions and cooperating with the most important european networks of Regions.


Giuseppe Costa – Director European Relations

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