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Unioncamere Campania

The Union of Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Handicrafts and Agriculture is the association of the 4 Chambers of Commerce in the Campania region, Italy. The association is the institutional expression of a productive system made of more than five hundred thousand companies, which are active in all sectors of the economy. 


The activities of Unioncamere Campania are mainly focused on:

  •  Political and Institutional Coordination of the Chambers of Commerce in Campania with the Regional Authority, and also with other national and international institutions.

  •  Provision of services for the general interests of the Chambers of Commerce, assuring activities for the support of regional economic development.

  •  Improve access to finance for SMEs- Support to Regional and Local Development

  •  Provision of support services concerning the internationalization of the regional SMEs

  •  Provision of support services concerning innovation and technology transfer for the regional SMEs.

Unioncamere Campania is constantly undertaking activities to support economic operators on the international market, as well as to foster the development of economic relations and cooperation between entrepreneurs of the various countries. The organization is providing tailored assistance and service for Internationalization, innovation, sustainability and digital transition.  Unioncamere Campania is managing several projects and actions in the field in the economic observation, monitoring the trend of the local economy and recording economic changes; on infrastructures analysing investments to propose solutions to support competitive development and on carrying out constant study and research to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the tourism sector. Moreover, it develops promotional projects in the various sectors of productive excellence by participating in institutional tables and organizing activities and coordinating participation in fairs.

In Brussels

Since 2007 Unioncamere Campania has opened a representative office in Brussels to make its action in support of SMEs stronger and to help access in all the opportunities offered by the European Union. The Brussels office provides technical assistance in the preparation, implementation and follow-up of EU projects, informs and assists local stakeholders on European policy, develops partnering opportunities and networking with European Institutions and other international economic actors. The Brussels office is part of numerous working groups promoted by the UE and collaborates as a stakeholder in several projects.


Unioncamere Campania participates at regional and local level in several stakeholders boards and Institutional tables related to regional competitiveness Furthermore, it works closely with all the organizations present in the region that operate on European issues, such as the other Commission networks, EDIHs, Clusters, Incubators, Research Centres and consortia and business networks.


Unioncamere Campania, from 2008 managed the Project co-founded by the European Commission Enterprise Europe Network , the biggest European network in support of SMEs,  providing tailored services to promote international growth, innovation, green and digital transition. It represents the most qualified entry point in the region Campania on issues related to European issiu and the competitiveness of SMEs. 


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